Väderstad introduces the new Spirit 600-900C

Spirit 600-900C in the field

The pneumatic seed drill Väderstad Spirit 600-900C enters a new generation. With an updated design, new hydraulics and the innovative iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control, the 6, 8 and 9 metre combi seed drill is ready for future farming.

- The new Spirit 600-900C is fitted with a new hydraulic system, seamlessly working together with the modern control system Väderstad E-Control. This makes it possible to easily adjust the seed coulter pressure, the working intensity of the front tools or the pressure applied by the following harrow from the cab on the move, says Gunnar Blackert, Product manager Seed drills, at Väderstad, and continues:

- By also opening up for ISOBUS Task Control, E- Control further enables GPS controlled automatic variable seed and fertiliser rate as well as sectional control.

To reach an optimised result while the seed drill is lifted or put into the soil at the headland, Spirit 600-900C is fitted with automatic sequence control.

- When lifting or lowering the seed drill at the headland, the automatic sequence control lifts or lowers the working zones one by one. By optimising this automatic lifting and lowering sequence, the seeding and fertiliser accuracy is enhanced at the headlands, says Gunnar Blackert.

The new Spirit 600-900C will have its premiere on the agricultural fair Agromek in Denmark and it will be in production from November 2018.