Marathon 25/35 point for long lasting performance

Marathon 25/35 point

Väderstad introduces the new Marathon 25/35 point, extending the performance of the tine harrows NZ Aggressive 500-1000 and NZ Mounted 500. The Marathon 25/35 point is characterized by an excellent ability to keep depth, as well as an extremely long working life in the field.

- The new Marathon 25/35 combines the benefits of two points in one. The narrow 25mm tip of the point increases its ability to penetrate the soil and to keep the depth, while the wider 35mm upper part provides intense breaking of clods and aggregates, says Johan Alsäter, Product Manager Tillage equipment, at Väderstad.

To keep the exact working depth over the whole working life of the point, the new point is strengthened with hard metal Marathon plates.

- The Marathon hard metal is folded around the tip of the point. This gives it a very thick base where forces are diverted in two directions, thus making it very stone resistant. An additional benefit is that it also prevents wearing of the point from underneath which would otherwise eventually crack the hard metal, says Johan Alsäter, and continues:

- The Marathon 25/35 point has an extremely long working life giving more time in the field and less in the workshop.

Like all Väderstad genuine parts, the new Marathon 25/35 point is designed to fit perfectly on the Väderstad machine. This makes sure the point and machine will work seamlessly together, to deliver top performance in all conditions. Marathon 25/35 is available for NZ Aggressive 500-1000 and NZ Mounted 500. The Marathon 25/35 point is also fitted on the track eradicators for the seed drills Spirit 400-900C/S and Rapid A 400-800S.