Väderstad invests in future precision farming

Precise seed distribution

As the demands for precision, and the need for simulations and testing increases Väderstad have opened up a newly built modern seed lab. The facilities opens up new possibilities for the Research and Development department.

With the notion that future farmers will continue to demand high precision and optimal seed distribution, Väderstad have opened a new seed lab. The new seed lab offers the possibility to recreate different environments and simulated field conditions, with a varied affect from workloads, heat, cold, air pressure and so on. Moreover there are rigs for durability and extensive quality testing.

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The Väderstad seed lab, which stretches over 280 square meters, was officially opened in May 2016.

 - The new seed lab includes advanced measuring systems, which effectively provides exact results, says Mikael Albrecht, analysis- and test manager at Väderstad.

- We work with quality through the whole company and the new seed lab ensures that we can continue to be at the forefront of modern precision farming, says Gert Gilstring, Senior Design Engineer at Väderstad.

The R&D department at Väderstad includes 120 coworkers and significant funds are invested in the department every year. The result of this is shown in Väderstad constantly being at the forefront of innovations, product development and solutions for an effective agriculture.

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Väderstad Analysis- and test manager Mikael Albrecht

Mikael Albrecht, Analysis- and test Manager

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