Farming simulator launched with Väderstad


The game Farming Simulator 2013 can now be complemented with the Väderstad machines Carrier, Rapid, Rapid A, Tempo and TopDown. Players are challenged in the role of landowners and farmers, with tasks which include running a farm that has animals and cereals and buying/selling land.

Farming Simulator 2013 is the largest and most advanced farming simulator game ever made.  The addition of the downloadable package (Väderstad DLC) for the five Väderstad machines was released at Agritechnica.
“The Väderstad DLC is designed by GIANTS Software in collaboration with Väderstad-Verken. We thought it sounded like a cool idea and provided a number of opportunities to test Väderstad machines”, said Linnéa Stark, Manager of Communications at Väderstad AB

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