Väderstad SeedEye puts precision and performance in focus

Väderstad Rapid 800S in field

The unique Väderstad SeedEye sensors provides an insight with precision down to each individual square metre within the field. With access to exact data, the farmer can make informed decisions for increased efficiency and maximised results in the crop production.

Using Väderstad SeedEye, the farmer sets the desired seed rate in terms of number of seeds per square metre. In the field, sensors accurately records the number of seeds passing through each individual seed tube. By combining this information with driving speed data from the seed drill ground radar, the output is automatically adjusted to maintain the selected seed rate.

No calibration required - Maximised time in the field

SeedEye automatically adjusts the seed rate on the move so there is no need for calibration. This increases the ease-of-use as well as maximises field efficiency. 

In the cab, the farmer has full control of the seeding operation via the iPad based control system Väderstad E-Control.

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Evolution of precision

Take full control of the seeding

Väderstad SeedEye puts the control in the hands of the farmer, thus giving him the opportunity to fully optimise the result on the field.

By measuring seeds per square metre, instead of weight per hectare, the seeding result is no longer affected by variations in different seed bags or seed types. Thereby the farmer can increase the precision and optimise performance. 

Working with ISOBUS Task Controller, a variable seed rate and sectional shut off is also possible.

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SeedEye in E-control

SeedEye ensures great results

Increasing access to information is the cornerstone of smarter farming. Since SeedEye registers each individual seed passing through the seed tubes, the seeding is visualised in real time. If a deviation should occur, SeedEye gives an immediate warning so that any impact on the drilling can be quickly remedied.

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“Using the Väderstad SeedEye, I’m able to calculate my exact seed requirement in numbers of seeds per square metre. Thanks to this, I can take home the correct amount of seed and be sure that I’ve always got what I need” – Peter Malmström, Farmer
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