Carrier XT 525 Trailed

Carrier XT 425-625 - Trailed

Optimized tillage performance

The trailed model of the Carrier XT 425-625 is a foldable high-speed disc available in 13.9-, 17.2- and 20.5-foot working widths. Discs are positioned in an x-shape with rotating disc axles and easy depth setting for optimizing tillage performance.

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Part of the Carrier concept

The Carrier is used for high-speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation. The wide range of front tools, discs and packers enables the Carrier to handle the various challenges of modern farming – from ultra-shallow tillage to deeper incorporation. The versatility it brings to the farm saves passes, decreases machine cost per acre and provides the best start possible for the coming crop.

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It's all about angles

A main feature of Carrier XT is its hydraulically rotating disc axles. This allows you to optimize tillage uniformity across the implement at shallow tillage depths, or adjust the angles to achieve deeper working depths. Reducing the amount of soil moved and optimizing the machine weight, you can get the best possible results and minimize fuel consumption. By adapting the disc angles to the working depth, the Väderstad Carrier can do more with less.

Benefits of this system include a full cut-out at shallow working depths, plus excellent depth keeping and reduced soil flow at deeper working depths.

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Two disc options

Two disc options

The Carrier XT 425-625 can be fitted with either 17.7" discs or 18.5" TrueCut discs. Both options are capable of producing an ideal field finish and seedbed.

The 17.7" disc has small cut-outs, resulting in aggressive soil movement even at a very shallow working depth. The 18.5" TrueCut disc has larger cut-outs, which can handle more crop residue with increased penetration.

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Disc Configurator

To meet differing farming needs, Väderstad offers a wide range of discs for disc cultivators. With the right choice of discs you are able to optimize the working result on your fields, providing the best start possible for the next crop.

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Intensive ultra-shallow tillage with CrossCutter Disc

Intensive ultra-shallow tillage

The available CrossCutter Disc performs well in cover crops or sizing small grain residue. Because of its specialized disc shape and premium quality Swedish steel, the CrossCutter Disc provides full-width tillage and intensive mixing at shallow working depths for creating the ideal seedbed.

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Väderstad X-disc design pulls straight behind the tractor

X stands for x-disc

The discs are positioned in an x-shape, which enables the lateral forces to cancel each other out. The x-disc configuration ensures the implement tracks perfectly straight behind the tractor. Not only does this design save fuel, but it is also essential when using a GPS guidance system or operating in hilly conditions.

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Intensive knife roller CrossCutter Knife

CrossCutter Knife improves residue chopping

The CrossCutter Knife option on the Carrier XT is an intensive knife roller designed to cut crop residue in two directions.

The CrossCutter Knife finely cuts straw, corn stalks and other residue to help it decompose faster. It also helps to efficiently crush and incorporate cover crops. It helps produce an ideal environment for the successul germination of small-seeded crops like canola.

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Väderstad Carrier CrossBoard Heavy provides perfect leveling

CrossBoard Heavy provides perfect leveling

The CrossBoard Heavy crushes clods and levels the soil. A double-acting stabilizing bar increases leveling capacity.

The CrossBoard is equipped with master and slave cylinders, which ensure level results by maintaining the position of each CrossBoard section.

On tilled heavy ground, the CrossBoard Heavy allows Carrier to prepare a smooth seedbed, helping reduce the number of tillage passes required.

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CrossBoard Performance

Maximum CrossBoard performance

The double-acting stabilizer bar connects the CrossBoard tines to one single unit, preventing separate tines from moving forward or backward. This radically increases the suspension power and, in turn, the capacity to both level the field and crush clods.

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Väderstad Carrier XT heavy-duty design for long working life

Heavy-duty design for long working life

With a strong tube frame and heavy-duty joints, the Carrier XT is constructed to withstand heavy stresses. 

It's engineered for long working life with exceptional results in the field.

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Packer suspension

Unique packer suspension

All Väderstad packers are equipped with packer suspensions. This reduces the shocks into the frame, drastically increasing the machine working life.

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Product concept

Zone 1 - Front tools

The front tool options provide versatility for many different farming operations. They can be used for creating a seedbed, leveling tilled ground, incorporating cover crops and more.

CrossCutter Knife

CrossBoard Heavy

Zone 2 - Intensive cutting and mixing

Two rows of high quality V-55 hardened Swedish steel discs aggressively cut and mix harvest residues up to about 4.75" working depth. The conical shape of the discs ensures a long working life and excellent soil crumbling.

CrossCutter Disc

CrossCutter Disc Aggressive

17.7-inch discs

TrueCut 18.5-inch discs

Zone 3 - Reconsolidation

The Carrier can be equipped with packers suitable for a wide range of field conditions. The rubber suspension on the packer absorbs shocks and extends the working life of the frame and the packer.

Single SteelRunner

Double SteelRunner

CageRunner HeavyDuty

Single SoilRunner

Double SoilRunner


Carrier XT Trailed Specifications

  CRXT 425 CRXT 525 CRXT 625
Working width (ft.) 13.1 16.4 19.7
Packer width (ft.) 14.4 17.7 21.0
Transport width (ft.) 9.4 9.4 9.4
Transport height (ft.) 8.9 10.5 12.1
Weight with single SoilRunner (lbs) 10031 11442 12390
Weight with double SoilRunner (lbs) 10560 12081 13206
Weight with CageRunner HeavyDuty (lbs) 10141 11530 12456
Weight with single SteelRunner (lbs) 11155 12787 13977
Weight with double SteelRunner (lbs) 11993 13911 15388
Number of discs 34 42 50
Disc spacing (in.) 4.9 4.9 4.9
Brakes P P P
Recommended working speed (mph) 6-9.3 6-9.3 6-9.3
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5
Hydraulic requirements (DA) 3/4 3/4 3/4
Horsepower requirement 150-200 180-240 220-270
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