TrueCut discs

Väderstad TrueCut discs have milled cutouts, offering the exact same edge around the entire disc for extremely uniform cutting performance. Its ingenious design further guarantees an aggressive disc shape and consistent working intensity throughout its long working life. Väderstad TrueCut discs are available for the Carrier and TopDown, with a diameter range of 18.5", 20", or 24".

Impressive service life

Thanks to its sharp and uniform angle design, the TrueCut disc stays in its aggressive shape and provides consistent results through a longer service life.

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Sharpened to perfection

The Väderstad TrueCut design with sharpened edges, even in the cutouts, gives the discs a more aggressive slicing action, resulting in better fragmentation of crop residue.

You benefit from faster decomposition and superior tillage performance.

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Internal production

TrueCut discs are produced with premium-quality Swedish V-55 steel by Väderstad's fully owned supplier, Väderstad Components AB. The modern robot manufacturing facility ensures exactly the same condition for each disc, guaranteeing consistent quality.

The target is a clear, perfect result in field with the highest quality in the industry.

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