Aftermarket accessories for your Tempo

To accommodate different farming conditions, we offer many ways to accessorise and enhance your Väderstad machine. This is also true for already owned equipment. Väderstad can provide a previously delivered Tempo with a selection of aftermarket accessories. Here are some examples:

  • Micro granulate kit The micro granulate hopper holds 17 litres to match the capacity of the seed hopper. The boxes are used for either a starter fertilizer or a pesticide.
  • Elevated air inlet An elevated air inlet will significantly reduce the amount of dust that enters the fan. This option is recommended in areas where it commonly is dusty during planting.
  • Row cleaners The task of the row cleaners is to remove crop residues, clods and stones.
  • Closing wheels The task of the closing wheel is to close the seed furrow. Väderstad offer several closing wheel options for different conditions. 
  • Marker arms Tempo has hydraulically controlled marker arms as option. The marker arms can be equipped with a tine or a disc.