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Marathon Edge point

The Marathon Edge-series of the Marathon points are characterised by their thinner body. This improves the soil searching ability which positively impacts the depth keeping in difficult conditions. Therefore, they are the first choice on vibrating tines such as Väderstad Swift. Marathon Edge offers app 4 times the working life of a standard point.

The Marathon Edge 50/80mm offers a sharper point than the 80mm and can therefore work deeper with maintained draw force requirement. It will enter better in tough conditions. In heavier soils the thinner point bottom lowers the amount of clods created compared to the 80mm point.

Reasons to choose the Marathon Edge point
  1. Works deeper with maintained draw force
  2. Enters better in tougher conditions
  3. Thinner points penetrate better in tough conditions and reduce clods in heavy soils.
  4. Perfect Fit to the MixIn shin
  5. Flat point for optimal soil flow
  6. Thin, light point, enters the soil easier and maximises the tine vibrations, more fine tilth and better sorting ability
  7. Sharp shape ensures penetration in tough condition
  8. Folded hard metal protects against stones
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The Marathon Edge point: Works harder, lasts longer.
Marathon Edge point: Low weight maximises benefits.

Low weight maximises benefits

A spring tine does an optimal job if it vibrates just at a perfect frequency, the Swift tine has app. 100 vibrations per second. This helps reducing draw force requirement, point wear but also makes it crumble the soil better. A too heavy point would have difficulties coming back to the set working depth in tough conditions and would reduce the small vibrations thus producing less fine tilth.

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Always the same precision

A cultivator will have a higher wear on the points in the front rows and especially in the wheel tracks, this cause an uneven work result. Marathon Edge will keep the working depth throughout its entire life time, delivering a perfect cultivation result. An additional benefit is the work time saved changing the points.

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Working depth and wear over time on the 80mm point.

Standard 80mm point

Wear changes working depth.

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Working depth and wear over time on the Marathon Edge point.

Marathon 80mm Edge point

Depth consistent over time no matter wear.

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Marathon points

Väderstad’s hard metal point revolutionized the wear part market when it increased the working life up to 10 times, compared with a standard point. Marathon points keep the exact working depth through their whole lifetime. They guarantee a perfect working result year after year, spare you time in the workshop and enable you to work in the field when the weather is at its optimum.

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Point and disc configurator

Väderstad provides points and discs for all needs and conditions. To optimize the working result, it’s important to use the right wear part. Väderstad’s point and disc configurator helps you find the right parts for your machine and conditions. 

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Optimise the performance of your Väderstad Swift cultivator!

Claim a free Marathon Edge 50/80mm point

Register your interest here to receive a complimentary Marathon Edge 50/80mm point for your Väderstad Swift cultivator. Deliveries of the point will commence in July 2024.

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