Emergence from the Tempo world record

The world record Tempo planter

502.05 hectares in 24 hours - A new world record

On April 11-12th 2017, Väderstad Tempo set a new world record for most hectares maize planted within 24 hours. By having planted 502.05 hectares with high precision and a speed over 20km/h, the high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo have proved its enormous capacity.

June 2017 - Impressive crop results

In June, Väderstad have been back at the world record field to follow up the crop results. The world record Tempo have definitively pushed the limits regarding planting speed, capacity and precision.

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The statistics is clear

To clarify the planting precision at the world record fields, Gödöllő University have performed statistical measurements of the seeding depth and plant spacing in the rows. During May and June, the university have measured 6 808 plants on the world record fields.

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Planting depth precision +/- 0.5cm 

Doubles 0.35 %

Skips 1.21 %

Coefficient of variation 24.3 %

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Plant spacing coefficient of variation

Having measured the spacing between the plants, the university reports a coefficient of variation for the plant spacing of 24.3 %. 

This statistical measurement, which is calculated by dividing the standard deviation with the average plant spacing, is a commonly used measurement to illustrate the planting precision in a maize field. 

If the coefficient of variation is 0 %, all plants have the exact same spacing between them. When planting at the recommended planting speed up to 17km/h, Väderstad Tempo normally delivers a coefficient of variation close to 20 %. Generally, most other planters on the market delivers a coefficient of variation between 30-45 %. 

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This diagram illustrates how the plant spacing in the seed row may look like at different coefficient of variation (CV). If the coefficient of variation is 0 %, all plants have the exact same spacing between them. 0 – 20% is classified as Excellent. 20 – 30% is classified as Very good. 30 – 35% is classified as Good. 35 – 40 is classified as Acceptable. 40 – 50% is classified as Poor.

Note: If one percent of the seeds does not germinate, it is not possible to reach a coefficient of variation below 10%. If five percent of the seeds does not germinate, it is not possible to reach a coefficient of variation below 20 %.

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Skips and doubles

A double means that the distance between two plants is less than half the average plant spacing, while a skip means that the distance between two plants is more than 1.5 times the average plant spacing.

When examining 6 808 plants, the university found 24 doubles and 82 skips. In percentage, this result in 0.35 % doubles and 1.21 % skips. Looking closer at the skips, the university however reports that they were able to find the seed laying in the soil not germinated at eight times out of ten. This means that the university reports only 16 true skips.

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Seed depth

When the crops had emerged, the inspector team from the university dug up randomly selected plants to measure the exact distance between the seed and the field surface. The measurements from the university show that the seed depth only deviates within 0.5cm from the selected seed depth of 6cm. 

This is seen in a very even and strong emergence over the entire field.

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Image gallery - June

May 2017 - Promising emergence

Even though spring has been very dry in Hungary, the 502.05ha world record field is showing very promising emergence.

Gödöllő University has reported positive early statistics and the host farm is optimistic. Väderstad will return to the field in a couple of weeks and provide a full report of the results so far.

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Unmatched precision at very high speed

The Tempo planter who set the world record is a standard 16 row Väderstad Tempo L 16, equipped with 762mm row spacing and pesticide hoppers. The machine has a large fertiliser tank of 5000 litres and each seed hopper holds 100 litres of seed and 30 litres of pesticide.

Row spacing: 762mm
Seed rate: 70 000 seeds/ha
Planting speed: 20-22km/h
Average planting precision: 98.5 %

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The location

The planting world record was set on the farm Enyingi Agrár Zrt. just outside the city Enying in western Hungary. In total the farm operates about 7000 hectares, of which 4000 hectares were dedicated to maize this year.

The world record was performed as a live on-farm event, meaning that the farm manager chose the seed and the fields. During the 24 hours, two types of maize seeds were planted on two separate fields, measuring a total area over 650 hectares. Together with the seeds, Tempo also placed fertiliser and pesticide.

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"It is one thing to plant with high speed, but doing so with exceptional precision is something completely different"

The world record team

A Tempo world record team, consisting of 25 members representing the full width of the international Väderstad organisation, set the world record. Both engineering, product development, management, sales, aftermarket and some of our 13 international subsidiaries was represented.

Additionally, the world-record planting was monitored by 10 representatives from Gödöllő University, who will measure precision and follow up the results of the crops.

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