The Tempo planter – highest precision in all dimensions

Highest precisions in all dimensions

The Tempo planter delivers an exact seed spacing, even seed depth and no overlap planting on headlands. On top of this, the planting precision is always the same irrespective of outside influences such as speed, vibrations, slopes or varying field conditions.

In row precision

In-row precision

The Tempo seed meter, together with PowerShoot guarantees that each seed is placed one by one with extreme accuracy in the seed furrow.

By providing even plant spacings, without skips and doubles, Tempo delivers very high in-row precision. This means that all plants are granted the same growing conditions from the start.

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Depth precision

Depth precision

The Tempo planter has a heavy-duty design, transferring high weight to the row units. Together with its components, this ensures a stable ride with maintained planting depth in all conditions.

The exact depth precision leads to an even germination, which in turn is crucial to grow strong and healthy crops with great yield potential.

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End-of-row precision

End-of-row precision

Each row unit on the Tempo planter is electrically driven, enabling GPS-controlled individual row shut-off.

By eliminating overlaps on headlands and irregular field areas, potential yield losses are avoided at the same time as the input costs can be reduced by 5-10%. Tempo enables section control for seed, fertiliser and micro granulates.

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