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The key for high-speed planting

The Tempo seed meter, stands out from the crowd. Thanks to the PowerShoot technology, which uses air pressure to maintain full control of the seed all the way down to the soil, gravity, vibrations and slopes are removed from the equation. Thereby, speed is not an issue for Tempo.

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The value of high-speed planting

High-speed planting provides several benefits. Since a larger area can be covered with the same working width, while also improving precision, there are several ways to increase net profit. 

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When timing is everything

The ideal planting window is typically narrow. Some years extreme weather limits the time available even further. Planting within the optimum period provides perfect temperature and moisture for the planted crop. Any delay reduces the yield potential.

Increased field efficiency

By planting with high speed the capacity of the planter increases. Thereby a smaller planter is able to cover the same area as a larger model. You benefit from an increased field efficiency, as well as lower horsepower requirements on the tractor.

One planter instead of two

High-speed planting means that more hectares can be covered with fewer row units. This drastically lowers input costs for the machine itself, but it can also save one tractor and one driver in some cases.

Capacity and precision combined

On traditional planters, the seed falls freely through the seed tube from the seed meter down to the soil. When vibrations arise as the speed increases, the seed bounces in the seed tube and much of the precision of the seed meter is lost. This is where Tempo, with its pressurised seed meter, stands out from the crowd.

Adjust the speed lever in the precision monitor below, to experience the planting precision and capacity of the Tempo planter.

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Precision monitor

Speed (km/h)

Planting precision

Skips and doubles are measured in the seed lab. Competitor data is average value of several well known competitiors.

Skips and doubles

1% skips equals 0.6% yield loss and 1% doubles equals 0.4% yield loss.

Yield loss percent

The capacity is calculated from 6 metres working width and an effeciency factor of 75%

Hectares planted per 10h day

PowerShoot logotype
Seed in tube

502 hectares in 24 hours

Experience the world record: