iCon - Highly productive meets highly intuitive

The iCon Wireless Control System lives on an iPad, making it intuitive and easy to use – just like the machine it controls. It features a simple interface, home screen automation and perating enhancements like the Acres to Empty and in-field calibration features. Acres to Empty tells you instantly how many acres remain until your next product fill. The in-field calibration function confirms static calibration values while seeding, using load cell data. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the iCon Control System to ensure you are applying products at the correct rates throughout the field.

iCon wireless control system in the field

Freedom to move

Wireless control provides big benefits for seed drill systems. Carry your iCon controlled tablet with you to gain full seeder control and eliminate the need to go back and forth between the tractor cab and machine. The portability simplifies calibration and helps to troubleshoot for blockages, fill the tanks to the appropriate level, or even use the meters to empty the air cart. Plus, you get less in-cab wiring and fewer connection points.

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In-field calibration

The iCon in-field calibration function confirms static calibration values during seeding, by using load cell data. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the iCon Control System to ensure you are applying products at the correct rates throughout the field.

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Now Featuring iCon 3.0

New for spring 2023 is the refreshed iCon operating app, version 3.0. The new user interface focuses on bringing a modern look to the previous user interface while providing a more intuitive experience to the operators. The enhanced operation focuses on bringing key commands to the forefront of the application, ensuring they are easy to access for the customer, along with enabling the app to deliver more user benefits to the customer.

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SCTx – Next level precision

The Next-Gen Sectional Control Technology, SCTx, allows for more complex maneuvering in the field and unprecedented capabilities to predict seeded/unseeded areas.

The user interface features a virtual toolbar displaying real-time information based on coverage and operator input lookahead times, showing exactly where/when the drill should turn on/off. Turn compensation allows for precise rates across width of the machine, ensuring a more even plant count in wide arching and tight turn areas of the field.

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Prescription Map Zero Rate Zones

As an added feature benefit to the customer, iCon 3.0 now features the ability for customers to utilize zero rate zones as part of the prescription maps. This feature ensures that customers are able to get the most out of their product and avoid needlessly applying fertilizer to low producing areas of the field

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Enhanced Cloud Interface

To coincide with the iCon 3.0 user interface, the Vaderstad cloud platform has also been updated. Here you will be able to find all of your relevant field data information, including coverage maps in the new ISOXML files type. Further to this, the cloud will also act as your portal to view subscriptions and unlocks, and push them to your machine.

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Rx map

Optimize your Rx mapping

The amount of fertilizer and seed required to achieve desired yield will vary across the field and, most times, over the width of the toolbar. Under-applying nutrients result in yield and quality loss while over-application can result in crop lodging.

The iCon Wireless Control System is compatible with industry-leading prescription mapping to dial in the exact amount of product desired, reducing the amount of inputs used. Every 10 feet of toolbar has its own seed and fertilizer meter to ensure greater accuracy in variable terrain. Whereas industry-standard will only apply one rate across the entire width of the machine, which can be 50’ - 100’ (15 - 30 m). 

New this year: Updated Prescription mapping will now allow users to achieve 0 rate zones, as well as pause prescription maps during field operations.

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Always up to date

At Väderstad, we find it very important to support and service all our customers to the fullest. Therefore, all iCon software updates are easy to download free of charge.

New for MY24, all iCon operating systems will now come factory standard with a Cab Hub. This device is intended to be a single point connection for charging, SCTx and iPad to Gateway connection (if experiencing environmental interference) to ensure you a continuous easy experience. With iCon, you are always sure to benefit from the latest technology and the newest innovative solutions from Väderstad.

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Fit-to-field rate adjustment on tablet

Fit-to-Field rate adjustment

The Fit-to-Field function makes product changes much easier. This iCon feature automatically adjusts seed and fertilizer rates to empty* the Seed Hawk air cart over the remaining acres in your field. It’s easy and efficient, eliminating the guess work when emptying the cart.

* 200lbs. of product will remain in the bin at empty

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Your Data. Your way

iCon utilizes a cloud based system to download prescription maps and upload completed job reports so you can access them from anywhere. Expanded capability of the cloud now offers it as the place to retrieve any feature unlocks and subscriptions purchased for your machine.

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