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Our biggest contribution to a sustainable world are the machines and methods we develop. We will continue to optimise our footprints in the agricultural sector.

How we work

Responsibility for our soil

The world’s population and the need for food is increasing while access to arable land is becoming more restricted and therefor farming methods more regulated. A great responsibility lies with us as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery to support and enable the world´s farmers to produce more food in an efficient and sustainable way. Key is a good soil health that brings yield for generations. Our product development focuses on precision, maximising the potential in every process in field and in every seed. Over the years we have presented innovations taking precision planting to a new level. We have also brought solutions that reduces tillage and the usage of chemicals considerably. Reduced tillage means reduced risk for erosion and increases the possibility for carbon storage, reducing emissions.

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We want to bring prosperity to farmlands for generations

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What we do:

  • Focus product development: resource efficiency, precision
  • Ultra-shallow tillage
  • Precision farming
  • Perform multiple tasks in one pass
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Responsibility for our footprint

In our chain of production, we continuously work to streamline our processes and manufacturing methods to reduce waste, save energy and to improve raw material use. We have committed to a net zero emissions from our own operations worldwide by 2045.

Our ambitions and demands on quality are high. Suppliers and materials are chosen with great care. Therefore, we take great pride in working together with an equally ambitious supplier of hardened quality steel, Swedish SSAB. Together we challenge the properties of the material to extract the best product. Our efforts have resulted in a unique composition of steel leading to machines with a long lifecycle and minimal maintenance, a hallmark for Väderstad.

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We collaborate and improve with care, it´s in our DNA.

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What we do:

  • Net zero emission by 2045
  • Environmentally certified or fossil free transports from our sites in Sweden
  • 100% fossil free electricity at our Swedish production sites
  • Machines with long lifecycle
  • Code of Conduct for our suppliers
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Our contribute to the SDGs

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Sustainability report

Read our full sustainability report here.