Väderstad launches the 50/80mm Marathon Edge point

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, introduces the new 50/80mm Marathon Edge point. Thanks to its shape, the Marathon Edge has a high soil searching ability while adding to the lifetime compared to a standard point.

Väderstad offers three main point ranges for the Väderstad cultivator families. These are the standard high-quality point range, the long-life Marathon range, as well as the strengthened Marathon Edge point range.

– The Marathon Edge point range is characterized by their thinner body, compared to the Marathon points. This improves the soil searching ability which in-turn positively impacts the depth keeping in difficult conditions. Therefore, the Marathon Edge points are the first choice on vibrating tines such as seen on the Swift 400-870 tine cultivator, says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Developer at Väderstad.

This year, Väderstad introduces a new point to the Marathon Edge range – the 50/80mm Marathon Edge.

– The new 50/80mm Marathon Edge offers a sharper point than the current 80mm Marathon Edge and can therefore work deeper with maintained draw force requirement. It will enter better in tough conditions. In heavier soils the thinner lower part of the point also reduces the amount of clods created.

The new point 50/80mm Marathon Edge will become available as a Väderstad Genuine Part from May 2024.

Vilhelm Ektander

Vilhelm Ektander

Product Marketing Manager