Väderstad introduces the long-life Following harrow Marathon

One of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting will introduce a new following harrow in the beginning of 2024, as a compliment to the current assortment. The new Following harrow Marathon will drastically increase the working life of the finishing tool.

For model year 2024, the following harrow tines, fitted to multiple Väderstad machinery are upgraded with a long-life alternative. By strengthening the following harrow tine with hard metal at the critical point of wear, the working lifetime of the tool is drastically increased.  

- To finish the seedbed preparation, the vibrating following harrow tines create an evaporation barrier whilst sorting larger aggregates and weeds to the surface, says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept developer at Väderstad, and continues: 

Comparing the new Following harrow Marathon to the standard Following harrow, demonstrates a prolonged lifetime in the field of up to 6 times. Since the length of the tine remains constant it maintains its same vibrating, and therefore, soil sorting capabilities. The initial set angle also stays the same. This means a perfect working result year after year, spares the farmer time in the workshop and maximises value adding time.  

The new Following harrow Marathon tines can be fitted to the Väderstad harrows NZ Mounted, NZ Aggressive, NZ Extreme, the seed drills Rapid and Spirit as well as the Carrier and Swift cultivators. It is also available to retrofit to existing machines. 

The new Following harrow Marathon tine will be available as an aftermarket upgrade to new and existing Väderstad machines from January 2024. 

Vilhelm Ektander

Vilhelm Ektander

Product Marketing Manager