New Väderstad Carrier configurated to take up the fight against resistant weeds

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, takes the next step in ultra-shallow tillage. For the 2025 season, Väderstad introduces a new version of the disc cultivator Carrier 925, able to hold three disc axles fitted with the unique CrossCutter Disc. This machine will be an important step for mechanical weed control of resistant weeds. 

- The new version of the Carrier 925, means that we are able to go from two disc axles at 12.5cm disc spacing, to three disc axles with only 8.3cm spacing. The machine is build for ultra-shallow tillage with the Väderstad CrossCutter Disc, says Wolfram Hastolz, Commercial Manager Tillage equipment, at Väderstad, and continues: 

- The third row of CrossCutter Discs on Carrier, narrows the disc spacing to 8.3cm. This means that the tillage intensity, fine-tilth creation and residue mixing in the top-soil increases drastically. This in turn leads to higher germination rates of weeds and leftover seeds, which the farmer is then able to eliminate with a second pass.  

Field testing show that the three axles of CrossCutter Discs is able to establish a stronger stale seedbed, activating the weeds and leftover seeds in the topsoil after combining. In addition, its full cut-out and mixing intensity is able to eliminate this stale seedbed in a second pass, to thereby ensure the field hygiene before establishing the next crop. 

 With an increased presence of resistant weeds, such as black grass, while the tools available for farmers to fight back are decreasing, there is a need to add more solutions for mechanical weed control.  

- Väderstad invented the ultra-shallow tillage concept in 2017. In 2025 we take the next step, adding even more intensity for full cut-out in the topsoil. We believe that this machine will be an important tool to fight resistant weeds, such as blackgrass, says Wolfram Hastolz.  

The new three disc axle version of Carrier will initially be introduced to the 9.25m wide Väderstad Carrier 925. Additional models are planned for later release. Depending on soil conditions, the machine can be fitted with either the 450mm CrossCutter Disc or the 450mm CrossCutter Disc Aggressive.  

The new version of Carrier 925, with three CrossCutter Disc axles, will be available from October 2024, with first deliveries starting at the end of the year. 

Vilhelm Ektander

Vilhelm Ektander

Product Marketing Manager