Väderstad expands factory and increases capacity in connection to new factory center

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage and seeding, expands the factory in Väderstad with another 12 600 square meters. The expansion provides additional surfaces for assembly and painting, with the aim of a production capacity of 10 000 machines annually in Väderstad by 2028.

Väderstad has seen a strong increase in demand for its products during the last years. The turnover has gone from 237 MEUR in financial year 2017 to 550 MEUR in 2022. In 2021 Väderstad announced the building of a new factory center, an investment of SEK 125 million, which will be ready for use later this year.

Now the factory center will be complemented by an expansion of the current production area.

– The continued expansion of our factory in Väderstad is in line with our growth targets, and will benefit both our customers, our dealers and help create more job opportunities – as well as create a more efficient flow in our production, says Henrik Gilstring, CEO of Väderstad Group.

The production in Väderstad currently produce machines for all global sales regions, except from North America, where our production is located at our factories in Langbank, Canada, and Wahpeton, USA.

The two housing blocks that will be added and connected to the existing factory in Väderstad are each of 6300 m2 and will create a total production area of approx. 70 000 m2. Besides from creating additional surfaces for assembly and painting, they will also help create a better and more efficient flow through the factory.

– Aside from a general increase in demand, we have also launched several new products the last couple of years. Inspire goes into full production this spring, our Proceed concept is in full testing and we continue to see a very large demand for our Tempo planters. This expansion will help us face the future demand for all these products, says Mikael Peiponen, Senior Vice President of Order to Delivery at Väderstad.

The decision to expand was taken at a board meeting in the end of January. Construction will start on April 1st 2023 and the new buildings are planned to be in full use by autumn 2024.

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Susanne Dalskog

Susanne Dalskog

Vice President Communication