The successful SeedEye precision system is introduced to new models

SeedEye Blockage monitoring

In 2019 the Väderstad SeedEye system have been tested and reviewed by the German Agricultural Society DLG with excellent results. During 2020 the unique precision system Väderstad SeedEye is introduced for the seed drills Spirit R 300S, Spirit 600-900C/S as well as Rapid A 600-800C/J.

- Increasing access to information is the cornerstone of smarter farming. With access to exact data, the farmer can make informed decisions for increased efficiency and maximised results in the crop production, says Mattias Hovnert, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, at Väderstad.

The unique Väderstad SeedEye system provides an insight with precision down to each individual square metre within the field. The Väderstad SeedEye system consists of two functions - blockage monitoring and seed counting. The core of the system is the SeedEye sensors, registering each individual seed as well as the flow of fertiliser passing through the tubes.

- SeedEye makes it possible to visualise the drilling operation in real time. If a deviation should occur, the SeedEye blockage monitoring system gives an immediate warning so that any impact on the crop result can be quickly remedied, says Mattias Hovnert, at Väderstad.

Using Väderstad SeedEye seed counting, the desired seed rate is set in terms of number of seeds per square metre. In the field, the sensors accurately record the number of seeds passing through each individual seed tube. By combining this information with driving speed data from the seed drill ground radar, the output is automatically adjusted to maintain the selected seed rate.

- SeedEye seed counting increases seeding precision, takes away the need for calibration, as well as puts the control in the hands of the farmer thus giving him the opportunity to fully optimise the result on the field, says Mattias Hovnert. 

The complete SeedEye system, including both blockage monitoring and seed counting, is currently available for the seed drill Rapid A 400-800S.

During the start of 2020, the SeedEye blockage monitoring for seed and fertiliser become available for Rapid A 600-800C/J, Spirit R 300S, Spirit 600-900S and Spirit 600-900C. As a future step, also SeedEye seed counting will be introduced for these machines.

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