The new Spirit 600-900S brings innovative technology to the farm

Väderstad seed drill Spirit in transport

The Väderstad seed drill Spirit 600-900S enters a new phase in the beginning of 2017. A new fan system, optimized seed hopper, active coulter pressure and full control via the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control, are some of the prominent news. Thereby, the signature of Spirit – an impressive emergence over the entire field – stands stronger than ever before.

With a working width of 6, 8 or 9 metre and a seed hopper capacity of 3 900 litre, Spirit 600-900S comes with new technology and innovative solutions that increases the precision and simplifies the operations at the farm.

Impressive seed placement

The pneumatic seed drill Spirit 600-900S meters out the seed via two distributor heads, thereby enabling the driver to conduct half machine shut off, directly from the driver seat. To ensure an even seed depth also in hilly terrain and at varying soil types, Spirit 600-900S is equipped with an active seed coulter pressure.

- The sensors in the hydraulic system immediately registers if Spirit is located on a crest or a trough. If so, the valves directly compensates for an increased or decreased pressure. Thereby the seed coulter pressure is kept at a constant pre-set value, irrespective of which working angle the seed coulters are in, relative to the rest of the machine. The result is seen in an impressive seed placement and an even emergence over the entire field, says Johan von Mecklenburg, product manager for seed drills at Väderstad.

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Control system of the future

As standard option, the new Spirit 600-900S is equipped with a gateway. This gateway is able to communicate with the iPad-based wireless control system Väderstad E-Control, or with an ISOBUS terminal.
- In addition to an extensive control and monitoring of the seeding process, the control system gives the driver the possibility to adjust the working depth of the front tool, the seed coulters as well as the hydraulic following harrow, while driving on the field, says Johan von Mecklenburg.

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Väderstad E-Services iPad solution

iPad-based wireless control system Väderstad E-Control

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Väderstad Spirit integrated fan

Additionally, the new Spirit 600-900S has an updated design and a new seed hopper with an integrated fan

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An exact result

To reach an optimised result while the seed drill is lifted or put into the soil at the headland, Spirit 600-900S is fitted with automatic sequence control.

- When Spirit 600-900S is lifted up or put into the field at the headland, the automatic sequence control lifts or lowers the working zones one by one. When entering the field the system thereby makes sure that the front tool is put into the soil before the seed coulters and the following harrow. By optimising this automatic lowering or lifting sequence, the seeding result gets optimised at the headlands, says Johan von Mecklenburg.

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Product family Spirit seed only

The pneumatic seed drill Spirit 600-900S offers an impressive seed placement. The machine has a very precise depth control, where each press wheel controls the drilling depth of one double disc seed coulter with TriForce rubber suspension. To ensure an even seeding depth in hilly conditions and varying soil types Spirit 600-900S have hydraulics with active seed coulter and wing pressure. The large OffSet mounted packer wheels in front of the seed coulters ensures good reconsolidation with minimal bulldozing, which is especially important for light soils. This design, combined with a wide range of front tools, provides outstanding cultivation allowing perfect emergence in varying soil conditions. To optimise the operations at the headland, Spirit 600-900S is equipped with automatic headland sequence control. The machine is equipped with the precise electric Fenix metering system. Spirit 600-900S has a row spacing of 12.5cm, a 3900 litre seed hopper and is available in 6, 8 or 9m working width. In transport all machines are folded to 3m width.

  • Spirit double disc coulter system – Accurate seeding depth and perfect emergence
  • E-Control – User friendly wireless control and monitoring
  • X-shaped System Disc Aggressive – Straight pulling with precise working depth 
  • Active seed coulter pressure adjustable from cab – Accurate depth control
  • Large seed hopper – Few and easy fillings
  • Available with BioDrill BDA 360 – Multiple operations in one pass
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