Tempo - Increased precision for small seeded crops

Planter Tempo V

The new seed sensor and treaded closing wheels for the Väderstad Tempo planter, offer extended possibilities regarding high precision planting of small seeded crops such as oil seed rape and sugar beets.

- We have noticed a demand for versatility, where farmers want to have the opportunity to plant several crops with the same machine. The new seed sensor for the Tempo planter, makes this even easier than before, says Jörgen Dahl, product manager for Tempo, at Väderstad. 

By registering every single seed that is metered out, the seed sensors ensures the very high precision of the planter. If the metering rate from one row unit would deviate during planting, the driver is notified via the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control.

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- Thanks to its high accuracy and capacity at high planting speeds, the new seed sensors works very well irrespective of seed type. Thereby, the farmer can switch between maize and oil seed rape planting without changing the seed sensors on the Tempo planter, says Jörgen Dahl.
For large seeded crops, such as pumpkin and larger sun flower seeds, an alternative seed sensor is available as an option.

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Väderstad Tempo closing wheel

The new treaded closing wheel is available as an option for all Tempo models, both new and excisting machines.

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New treaded closing wheel

To further optimise the conditions for shallow planted seeds, such as sugar beets and oil seed rape, a new treaded closing wheel is now available for all Tempo models.

- The main purpose of the closing wheel is to shut the seed trench while also creating optimal conditions for seed germination. Thanks to the treaded surface of our new closing wheel, a fine soil structure is created at the same time as the risk for crusting is minimised, says Jörgen Dahl.

The new treaded closing wheels and seed sensors are available as an option for all Tempo models, both new and existing machines.

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Easy transport with Tempo R

Until the planting season of 2017, the wider models of the rigid planter Tempo R, can be equipped with transport wheels and a drawbar.

- With transport wheels and a drawbar, Tempo R 12 and Tempo R 18 can be easily transported between the fields on the farm. Despite the wide working width, the transport width fits under 3 metres, says Jörgen Dahl. Like several other models in the Tempo family, the row spacing on the 18 row Tempo R 18 can be set down to 450 millimetres. Such a row spacing is well suited for planting small seeded crops, like oil seed rape and sugar beets.

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Tempo R with front hopper

Tempo R with front hopper FH.

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Product family Tempo

The heart of the Tempo planter is the unique PowerShoot system, which uses pressure to control the seed transport with great precision. When leaving the short seed tube, a soft press wheel stops the seed and ensures an optimal seed to soil contact. A key part in the system is the electrically driven Gilstring Seed Meter, which uses the pressure to deliver an unmatched singulation and precision at very high driving speeds, without being affected by slopes or vibrations. Each seed meter has an electric motor, which enables individual row shut off, easy calibration and seed rate adjustments from the cab.

The result is a unique combination of high precision crop establishment and exceptional capacity, irrespective of soil type or tillage system on the farm.

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