Biggest Tempo to date

Tempo L

Now we launch Tempo L, a precision planter with a working width of up to 12.2 m. Despite the generous working width, the machine folds to a transport width of just 3 metres. Thanks to a large fertiliser tank in combination with a very fast planting rate, the Tempo L offers unsurpassed capacity.

What is unique about the Tempo L?

  • PowerShoot distribution offers a very high level of precision at high speed
  • A large fertiliser hopper that is easy to fill provides a very high capacity
  • User-friendly control and monitoring with E-Control
  • Electronic metering allows section shut-off for both seed and fertiliser
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Large fertiliser capacity

“The objective with the Tempo L is to offer farmers a multi-purpose precision planter with a very high capacity,” says Bernt Mårtensson at Väderstad.
The new Tempo L is available with 12 to 16 row units with row spacing of between 700 and 800 mm.

“The large 5,000-litre fertiliser hopper has a fill height of 2 metres, which makes filling easier. The eight separate Fenix III feeders also allow section shut-off for fertiliser,” explains Bernt.

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Well-proven technology that provides precision regardless of conditions

The maintenance-free row units, with powershoot technology that is non-sensitive to vibrations, are the same as on other Tempo models. This means that the precision planter can sow many different crops at high speed with unrivalled precision. The adjustable coulter pressure allows sowing among everything from growing crops to cultivated fields.

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Impressive transport width

The Tempo L is based on a powerful frame that can be folded to a transport width of 3 metres. The machine is easy to move between different farms. At the same time, the design can stand up to the strains of work in the field, ensuring a long service life for the Tempo L.

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E-Control - the future of control systems

With E-Control the operator can control all of the machine’s essential functions. The status of the machine is clearly shown on the display. Since the machine has an electrical feed system for both seed and fertiliser, the operator can shut it off row by row.
The Tempo L will be available from Spring 2017.

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