Opus - a brand new member of Väderstad’s cultivator family

Opus is a brand new powerful and flexible cultivator that can work down to 40 cm. With tines spaced at 27 cm distributed across four axles and a ground clearance of 80 cm, Opus can cope with huge amounts of trash, while still only having a moderate draught requirement. A unique range of shins and points makes the cultivator very adaptable to local conditions. 

What is new with Opus?

  • The brand new cultivator Opus, available in 6-7 metre models, is introduced to the world for the first time in October 2014. The first Opus will roll off the conveyer belt during early spring 2015.
  • The 27 cm tine spacing allows for deep cultivation down to 40 cm in heavy residues.  There is up to 700 kg of adjustable hydraulic stone release pressure on each tine, enabling perfect depth control even in heavy soils.
  • Opus is available with two packer types; double SoilRunner and SteelRunner. These packers are interchangeable or can be completely removed and the pressure can be varied according to conditions.

“Opus is developed for the bigger farm looking for a flexible cultivator.  We have tested the machine on three different farms in Germany with soil type varying from very light soil to heavy clay. The uniqueness of Opus is that it can handle all conditions as regards consolidation and we can vary the pressure or even remove the roller if needed”, says Maria Redwanz at Väderstad. 

“We have up to 20 different combinations of points and shins for Opus. This gives great flexibility for the machine to be specialised for work at different depths, in various soils and conditions”, added Maria.

“The points available include Marathon points in 50 mm and 80 mm. They are plated with a special type of hard metal that allows them to maintain their shape throughout their entire long working life, which ensures precision in cultivation. It also means that Marathon points last eight to ten  times longer than ordinary points, according to commercial farmers”, says Maria.

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First type of packer - Double SoilRunner

  • 575 mm diameter, rubber suspension, U-profile packer. The profile fills with soil, giving an ‘open’ tilled surface and lower wear, as soil acts on soil
  • The soil gives the packer more weight and increases the consolidation effect
  • Can cope with wet soil, while the overlapping construction and large contact area lower the draught requirement
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Second type of packer - SteelRunner

  • 600 mm diameter
  • Rubber suspension
  • Aggressive, heavy, clod-breaking
  • Hanging scrapers keep the packer clean in all conditions
  • Leaves a smooth and well-consolidated surface
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