Tempo QuickStart guides

Use the Väderstad QuickStart guides as a support of how to correctly setup and start using your Tempo planter. Please select your Tempo model below.

QuickStart Tempo F

See QuickStart movies for your Tempo F.

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QuickStart Tempo T

See QuickStart movies for your Tempo T.

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QuickStart Tempo R

See QuickStart movies for your Tempo R.

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QuickStart Tempo V

See QuickStart movies for your Tempo V.

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QuickStart Tempo L

See QuickStart movies for your Tempo L.

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ISOBUS terminal

QuickStart ISOBUS Task Control

See QuickStart movies for setting up ISOBUS Task Control with Tempo

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QuickStart FH 2200

See QuickStart movies for your front hopper Väderstad FH 2200.

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