New combination solution for the Tempo R

The Tempo R 4 and Tempo R 6, starting with the 2016 year model, can be equipped with a new large fertiliser hopper and new fertiliser coulters, giving a transport width of only 3 metres.

Tempo R
Tempo R 4 with 1200l fertiliser hopper

1200 litre fertiliser hopper

Starting with the 2016 year model, the Tempo R 4 and Tempo R 6, with four and six row units respectively, borne on a steel frame will be equipped with a 1200 litre fertiliser hopper for combination drilling. The new hopper doubles the fertiliser capacity for the Tempo R 4-6.

Fertiliser coulter on planter

New fertiliser coulters for small row spacing

The Tempo R is being given new disc model fertiliser coulters that are specially developed for smaller row spacings. The new fertiliser coulter is easier to set up and, moreover, comes with more options for setting the depth. The depth can be set in eight steps, with one cm between each step. The new fertiliser coulter displaces less soil and can cut the fertiliser down to 10 cm. 

As an alternative to the fertiliser disc, knife fertiliser coulters are still available.

Combination drilling gives more reliable cultivation

“Combination drilling provides a reliable supply of nutrients and frequently gives a greater harvest. By adding part of the nutrients while drilling, the number of times the machine is driven across the field is also reduced. When cultivating row crops, combination drilling is more important than when cultivating grain. On a precision drill, it is also important that the fertiliser coulter does not disturb the surface so the gauge wheel on the row unit is not affected. This is because there is a risk the sowing depth will change or the seedbed be affected, which would result in poorer germination conditions,” Magnus Samuelsson, Väderstad AB, explains.

The Tempo R was launched in 2014 and the model R stands for Rigid, i.e. the frame is rigid and cannot be folded. The Tempo R is available with different frame widths, from 3 metre to 9.1 metre, with row numbers from 4-18 rows. The wider frames are best shipped lengthwise using a wagon.  

The Tempo R 4-6 can be ordered starting with the 2016 year model.

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