New aluminium seed meter for Tempo

A new, more airtight seed meter and alternative seed tubes provide the Tempo precision drill with even more possibilities, while the reinforced bearings on the new discs reduce the need for maintenance.

The Tempo precision drill has been given a new, more airtight, aluminium seed meter, making it easier to adjust and fine tune the singulator, among other things. 

Gustav Samuelson
Gustav Samuelson, Product Sales Support

This is something that improves the already high drilling precision for most crops, says Gustav Samuelson, Product Sales Support at Väderstad.

The newly designed seed meter is more airtight, which reduces the air consumption. At the same time, the material means the seed meter is more durable, Gustav continues.

Selectable seed tube

One new feature is the option to choose between a 16 mm or 22 mm seed tube with associated sensor and seed coulter. For small seed crops, rapeseed and sugar beet, small maize and sunflower seeds, the smaller seed tube is used, while the new system is best suited for drilling crops such as pumpkins, large sunflowers or when drilling a large quantity of soya seed. 

Seed tube 16 or 22mm
Left; 16 mm seed tube. Right; 22 mm seed tube

If you use the Tempo for drilling many different crops, changing the seed tube, sensor and coulter from the 16 mm to the 22 mm drilling system or vice versa in a couple of hours is easy, says Gustav Samuelson.

The new seed tube can be installed on Tempo machines starting with year model 2015. 

V55 disc on Tempo

The disc is made of V-55 steel for increased durability. The thickness of the disc is 4 mm.