Yield increase for rape with Spirit StripDrill

Väderstad has been developing Spirit StripDrill for a number of years and has taken part in many trials in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden and England.

“Compiling the results from all these trials shows a clear yield increase for oilseed rape and a slightly lower increase also for barley and wheat. For wheat, we see a range of results from no change to up 10 per cent increase, while the corresponding figure for barley is up to 40 per cent increase” said Crister Stark at Väderstad. 

“For rape, all trials combined show an increase in the range 3-10%”, he added. 

StripDrill vs. conventional drilling
A field of oilseed rape in Germany a few weeks after drilling. The rows to the right of the picture were drilled with Spirit StripDrill and those to the left with a conventional seed drill from another manufacturer. The difference in plant development is striking. (Drilled at the same day).