Väderstad won the Ecocompany of the Year award

Väderstad-Verken won the Ecocompany of the Year award by the Swedish paper Ekoweb, for true innovative force in developing precision implements of a type rarely, if ever, seen previously that open the way for new opportunities and, in particular, better profitability in organic farming.

“We are delighted to win this year’s Ecocompany of the Year award. We believe that the organic sector will grow in future and we envisage Väderstad playing an active part in that trend, especially the Tempo machine” said Linnéa Stark.

Ecocompany 2015
Gustav Samuelsson and Linnéa Stark represented the company and received the price

“We won mainly thanks to the skilful organic farmer Sverker Pettersson, who drilled his oilseed rape successfully with our Tempo precision seed drill”.
At the organic farming ‘Ekogala’ on 29 January, the most outstanding companies and individuals within the organic sector will be recognised. The prize ceremony is a way to promote the people and companies who with carry out future development and innovation.

Tempo T 6, 1200 liter hopper

The nomination process is open and a shortlist of three nominees has been drawn up after intensive discussion by a jury consisting of the sponsors of the various prizes and Ekoweb. The winner in the different categories will be announced at the Ekogala on 29 January.

The sales of organic food in Sweden grew by 38 per cent in 2014, compared with 2013. The market corresponds to a value of 15,5 billion SEK.