Väderstad wins another prestigious prize

On Tuesday evening, Väderstad received the prestigious prize "Machine of the Year 2015" in the category of electronics, for the innovation SeedEye. The prize was handed out at the agricultural fair Agritechnica in Hanover.

Price SeedEye Agritechnica  

“I am incredibly happy about the prize and it is fantastic that we are as a company recognized for SeedEye. It shows that anything is possible. Four years ago, we were last in the industry in terms of electronics and now a few years later we are at the forefront, ahead of everyone else.

The seed counter SeedEye will provide great benefits for the farmer, who now easily can set the number of seeds per square meter without having to do a calibration. SeedEye is another functionality of our established control E-Control, says Crister Stark Chairman at Väderstad.


It is the second time within a short period of time SeedEye is recognized. A few weeks ago it was announced that SeedEye will get a gold medal in Norway at the fair Agriteknikk.

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