Väderstad E-Control is now available for Rapid RDAC & RDAS

Väderstad E-Control is a control system developed by Väderstad which enables farmers to control the machine using an iPad. The control system is available for Tempo and all versions of Rapid.

Väderstad E-Services

What’s new?

  1. Now E-Control is available for all versions of Tempo and Rapid
  2. When E-Control is used in combination with ISOBUS the virtual Terminal can be used for Task Control while the handling of the machine is carried out on the E-Control
  3. Possibility to include instructions- and spare parts books on the iPad
  4. The application that can be downloaded for free from App Store

Standardized technology

A user friendly interface and the large screen on an iPad make it easy to control Tempo and Rapid. Using a standardised technology makes it also a lot easier for the end-user compared to proprietary systems. The iPad is placed in a holder with several hard buttons for easy manoeuvring of the machine.
The communication between the machine and the iPad is through a wireless secure network. An Internet connection is not necessary.
“With the introduction of Wi-Fi and iPad Air, the Rapid machine and other equipment can be guided with the help of wireless communication. User-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and easy of update are just some of the major advantages with the iPad Air solution compared with previous systems” says Lars Thylén, Concept Manager for Rapid.

Väderstad E-Services

Väderstad E-Services includes:

  1. Management of the planting process, including seed, fertilizer and micro granulate 
  2. Configuration and settings of the machine
  3. Individual row shut-off (seed, fertilizer and micro granulate)
  4. Logging of data and events

Task Control

With an ISOBUS platform and a tested Task Controller in the tractor, it is possible to use the ISOBUS to turn the seeder on and off at headland. At the same time the function of the machine can be supervised on the iPad.