NZ Aggressive 700-1000 harrows get stronger drawbar

The NZ Aggressive 700-1000 harrows are being adapted for use with more powerful tractors and are getting a brand-new drawbar. The drawbar is four times stronger than the previous drawbar and there are seven varieties of towing eyelets to choose from.

NZ Aggressive with crumbler roller
NZ Aggressive with crumbler roller

Old versus old frame NZA
Old versus new drawbar 

Old versus old bearing NZA
Old versus new bearings

Other adaptations for use with more powerful tractors and at higher speeds include new, larger bogey bearings and spring wheel suspension in NZ Aggressive 900-1000.

A flexed CrossBoard with double-acting stabiliser bar means that all NZ Aggressive harrows are able to grind clods effectively. The close tine spacing (75 mm) and the powerful harrow tines finely till the soil and the Control function allows for an even drilling depth to be maintained. The following harrow on all models can be replaced with a crumbler roller for final levelling of light and stone-free soils.

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