New packer option for TopDown

"SoilRunner is a new, double U-profile packer with an alternated construction that offers a larger contact area and lower power requirements. What makes this packer special is that soil works on soil, leaving an open tilled surface," explains Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Manager at Väderstad AB.

Consolidation for all conditions

Both SoilRunner and the original SteelRunner, a powerful cultivating steel packer 600 mm in diameter, can be adjusted to achieve consolidation suited to the prevailing conditions.

The packer can be loaded with the full weight of the cultivator, or the packer can be raised so that it just breaks the surface. In challenging conditions the packer can be fully raised or detached.

Tilt function

"The new packer can be tilted," says Magnus, "which is an advantage if you want to create a field surface that is better prepared for high precipitation."

Tilting of packer

Rubber suspension

SoilRunner has the same rubber suspension as SteelRunner, which means that the packer components, axles and frame take less impact from knocks and bumps during use, ensuring a longer service life.

Rubber suspension


SteelRunner can be replaced with SoilRunner on both newer and older TopDown models.

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