My Tempo keeps me from getting stressed

Michael Pauly bought Tempo number 1000 at Sima in February earlier this year.

Michael Pauly

Michael Pauly, a farmer and businessman in north-east France, was looking for a machine for directly drilling maize, sunflowers and rapeseed, after tilling or minimal preparation. After a trial in 2014 and a 2015 campaign covering 300 hectares using a Tempo F 6, he was won over by its versatility, its ability to adapt to different surface conditions and different varieties and the simplicity of its controls. Not forgetting its working speed, which does not compromise on placement accuracy.

"For a farmer, planting can be an extremely challenging operation; if the quintals do not meet expectations it will inevitably be his fault," explains Michael.
With that in mind, taking risks is out of the question. Following a validation campaign using the Tempo, he was reassured once and for all by the capacity and placement accuracy when planting. 

"It is difficult to close the furrow in poor quality ground, but Tempo ensures good germination. But I also wanted a machine that is straightforward and simple to adjust according to the needs of my different clients; once again I am impressed, it takes me no more than 10 minutes to adjust the working depth and the press wheel pressure for 6 row units - it's a huge leap forward compared to my previous seed drill."

I can plant 30 to 40 hectares in a day

"Yesterday, I decided put off planting for another day as it was too wet, because I know that tomorrow I could plant 30 to 40 hectares in a single day. I would never have been able to do that before. Peace of mind also comes from its reliability and robustness. You can see straight away that it is well made, and it's backed up a 2-year guarantee and a superb after-sales service."

While the speed may not be the primary consideration when deciding which model to buy, it delivers on all its promises.
"I drill at a speed of between 8 and 12 km/h, but I must increase the speed gradually, because many of my clients don't believe that it is possible to drill quickly and with precision. However, the Tempo now makes that a reality. When they sit beside me in the cab, they are amazed by the control box which invariably boasts impeccable precision. But above all, it is the results that counts, I’ve had no complaints on any of my plots from last year, and with this seed drill I have 10 years of peace of mind ahead."