Look out for us at Sima

Welcome to meet us at Sima, we are in the Hall 5A from 22 to 26 February from 8:30-18:00.

There are many innovations from Väderstad at this year's French trade show Sima. We proudly present the rebirth of a legend, the Rapid drill, Carrier L and Carrier XL with larger discs. In addition the brand new cultivator Opus which can cultivate down to 30-40 cm depth if necessary.

Moreover, we show the new control system Väderstad E-Services where you can easily control your drill with an iPad. Väderstad E-Services are now available both for Rapid and Tempo.

We are located in hall 5a please see the Väderstad sign below

Sima 2015

Adress to Sima:
Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte 
B.P 68004

What's new with our product news?

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Rebirth of a legend
Väderstad’s legendary Rapid seed drill has been reborn to suit modern agriculture. Rapid 300-400C/S has a new design, with a more streamlined hopper that is raised slightly above the chassis, increasing access to the machine. This, together with greaseless hubs, makes it easier to service and use, while freeing up more time for work in the field.


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Opus – a brand new powerful cultivator
Opus is a brand new powerful and flexible cultivator that can work down to 40 cm. With tines spaced at 27 cm distributed across four axles and a ground clearance of 80 cm, Opus can cope with huge amounts of trash, while still only having a moderate draught requirement. A unique range of shins and points makes the cultivator very adaptable to local conditions.


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New Carrier can handle more trash
Väderstad is launching Carrier L with 51 cm disc diameter and Carrier XL with 61 cm disc diameter. The machines are available in 425-825 cm working widths. They are designed to meet the demand for handling large amounts of harvest trash and for working to greater depth. The adjustable working angle, MultiSet, allows the machine to slice up the entire soil profile irrespective of working depth and a wide range of packers is available to ensure the trash makes good contact with the soil and breaks down quickly.