Load-sensing hydraulics give Spirit 600C advantages

The Spirit 600C is equipped with load-sensing (LS) hydraulics. On uneven fields with many mounds and dips, this technology gives the Spirit 600C a clear advantage.

Active coulter pressure and wing pressure

The LS hydraulics provide the Spirit 600C with active coulter pressure. Sensors in the hydraulic system enable the machine to immediately determine whether it is on a crown or in a dip. Fast, specially-designed valves then quickly compensate for pressure drops and pressure increases. This keeps the coulter pressure at a pre-set level regardless of the seed coulters' working angle in relation to the rest of the machine. Active coulter pressure regulation thereby significantly increases depth precision in uneven terrain.

Active coulter pressure
Active coulter pressure increases the precision on uneven terrain

This technology even provides the Spirit 600C with active wing pressure, with each section pressed against the ground with the same force. This ensures good weight transfer across the entire working width even in uneven terrain.

"Active coulter and wing pressure ensures the same seed depth across the machine's entire working width. The result is even growth all the way out to the edge of the fields," concludes Bernt Mårtensson, Concept Manager at Väderstad AB.

Flowing field

Several advantages

The LS hydraulics also offer a number of other advantages, such as:

  • Easier coupling to tractor hydraulics
  • Simple manoeuvring via automatic sequence control
  • Optimal timing when turning on the headland
  • Easy to switch between transport and working position
  • Reduced power requirement, saving fuel
  • Lower oil temperature, meaning less wear