Combat corn borer in maize silage with CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc

The European corn borer is regarded as one of the most harmful organisms in corn globally. By using Carrier equipped with the new CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc, the European Corn-borer's life cycle can be disrupted and the number of overwintering larvae greatly reduced.

The CrossCutter Disc crushes stubble and crop residues

"A single pass using Carrier equipped with the CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc intensively processes the corn stubble and upper roots, effectively cracking the stubble between the nodes and crushing crop residues, which greatly impairs the corn borer's ability to hibernate," says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Manager at Väderstad.

CrossCutter Disc on CR 650

“An advantage of this shallow processing method is that the soil surface remains navigable afterwards, an advantage for instance, when spreading manure or digestate. The shallow processing is usually followed by other tools that even out any tracks made while harvesting and break the crop residues down even more, eradicating the corn borer even further, says Magnus Samuelsson.

Crop losses can amount to 20 per cent

The European corn borer is a caterpillar that attacks maize. 10-40 eggs are laid on the underside of the leaf. The larvae hatch after about 10 days and quickly eat their way into the corn stalk causing the infested stems to break. The ears are also attacked and other symptoms apart from the broken stems are round holes accompanied by powdery deposits. The entry holes also enable diseases such as fusarium to damage the maize.

The larvae burrow down through the stems to overwinter in the stem just above the roots. If maize stubble and crop residues are left so that the stem remains intact between two nodes, the larvae are able to overwinter in peace and quiet.

High capacity and low diesel consumption

“The 1-3 cm processing plane is known as ultra-shallow cultivation. The CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc combination requires little power and so diesel consumption is low. The tool can be used at up to 20 kph, giving a high work rate per hour," says Magnus Samuelsson.

Carrier with CrossCutter Disc and CrossCutter Knife

Can be fitted to an existing Carrier

"The plate has the same fixture as ordinary Carrier plates and fits in the normal plate arm, allowing it to follow the ground contours effectively. The CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc can both be fitted to an existing or used Carrier, keeping the costs down," says Magnus Samuelsson.


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