Blades give the Carrier high capacity in covercrops

The Carrier, with blades in both the front tool and on the discs, delivers the effective killing of a covercrop while at the same time offering cheap soil cultivation. This makes the Carrier an attractive alternative to other control measures.

Carrier with CrossCutter Disc and CrossCutter Knife

The new Carrier combination with two intensive cultivation tools and a cultivating packer has an unbeatable ability to crush and diffuse all of the stalks in a covercrop. The extremely shallow cutting and crushing function of the blades creates an environment for the rapid degradation of crop residues and leads to a quicker release of crop-bound nitrogen, while at the same time the crop residues on the surface guarantee good soil coverage that preserves soil moisture and prevents erosion, explains Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Manager at Väderstad-Verken AB.

The CrossCutter Knife front tool revolutionised cultivation in intercrops when it was launched. The tool is now combined with the CrossCutter Disc, a disc with angled cutters that cultivates the soil at a shallow level (0-3 cm) at a 90 degree angle against the direction of travel. The rubber-hinged arm makes sure that the individually suspended discs have very good sensitivity against the soil. The material is diffused very effectively and represents no obstacle to subsequent drilling.

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High capacity and low diesel consumption

Ultra-shallow cultivation with the CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc requires little traction power, so diesel consumption is low. The tool can be used at up to 20 kph, giving a high work rate per hour. The high capacity and the fact that all crops are effectively killed makes it a very attractive alternative to chemical control. As a rule, intercrops create a very good soil structure, rendering any deeper soil cultivation superfluous. 

Can be fitted to an existing Carrier

The disc has the same fixture as ordinary Carrier plates and fits in the normal disc arm, which means that you don't need to buy a totally new Carrier. The CrossCutter Knife and CrossCutter Disc can both be fitted to an existing or used Carrier, says Magnus Samuelsson.

Carrier in field