Väderstad offers many ways of establishing winter oilseed rape

In recent years the technology for establishing winter oilseed rape has progressed rapidly. A multitude of inventions and ideas have reached the market in the form of various technical solutions. The driving force behind this development is the knowledge that early establishment provides the potential for higher yield, since winter oilseed rape has time to develop better. Time is a narrow window in an intensive period, but Väderstad is able to offer many options that ensure reliable establishment.

Rapid gives exact seed placement

Rapid A 800C
Rapid A 800C with BioDrill

Rapid is a true all-round seed drill that can be used on ploughed or cultivated soil or in direct drilling. The main advantage with using Rapid for oilseed rape establishment is the possibility to control seed placement at more precise depth. If there is moisture present at the depth pre-selected for seed placement, opting to lower the seed rate is easier. The advantage of this is that the seed costs are lower, while the chances of the plants surviving the winter increase when they are not competing for the same space. With Rapid, it is also possible to lay down tramlines directly during drilling.

BioDrill provides more opportunities

If some form of cultivator-based drilling is preferred, the Väderstad range of machines offers great opportunities, since the BioDrill seedbox is available as an option for TopDown, Cultus and Carrier. Now BioDrill is also being tested on a small scale with our latest cultivator, Swift. The major benefit with ploughless crop establishment is that it saves time during the hectic period of autumn tillage. It is easier and faster to establish winter oilseed rape in 1-2 passes, with BioDrill providing many more opportunities for creative establishment procedures. Bear in mind, however, that seed placement is less exact, so a higher seed rate is required.

Spirit deep-loosens in the row

Spirit 800S with BioDrill
Spirit 800S with BioDrill

Just like Rapid, Spirit can be used with all forms of soil tillage. The coulter units on Spirit are slightly more responsive than those on Rapid and are positioned behind broad press wheels. An interesting option for establishment of winter oilseed rape is Spirit StripDrill, which has a toolbar with powerful tines that loosen the soil to 30 cm depth within rows at 33.5 cm c/c-spacing, into which the winter rape is drilled. This toolbar can easily be adjusted laterally for drilling of cereals into rows with 16.7 cm c-c spacing, which are positioned to the sides of the deep-loosened furrows.

Seed Hawk for direct drilling

Seed Hawk is a seed drill originally designed for low rainfall prairie farming by Väderstad’s subsidiary company in Canada. In the Nordic countries, Seed Hawk is now being used successfully as a direct drill by increasing numbers of farmers. This machine is very well suited for autumn drilling of oilseed rape. The row spacing is 25 cm and this, together with the bladelike seed and fertiliser coulters, gives the machine a low draught requirement. Between the rows, the machine leaves an untilled strip of straw that protects the winter rapeseed crop and helps it to retain a snow cover during the winter.

Tempo with precision

Tempo T 6 in OSR
Tempo T 6

Tempo is Väderstad’s precision seed drill. It is designed for establishment of e.g. maize, soybean and sunflower – crops that require exact spacing between the plants in the row. However, Tempo also meets all the requirements for establishing winter rape with precision. The accuracy of seed placement means that the seed costs can be greatly reduced. Use of Tempo for drilling of winter oilseed rape was tested successfully in France in autumn 2013, while in autumn 2014 Tempo will be tested for winter rape establishment in Sweden.