Tempo’s new row spacing interesting for organic farmers

Since the introduction of Tempo two years ago, the range of models has been extended and modified. The ability to drill different crops has been improved and Tempo can now establish maize, sunflower, sorghum, soybean, sugar beet and rapeseed with high precision at high speed. Tempo can be supplied with row spacing from 45 to 100 cm, making the machine of interest to organic farmers too.

Sverker PeterssonOne of Sweden’s organic farmers, Sverker Peterson, recently drilled winter oilseed rape at 50 cm row spacing with a Tempo R 12.
“The GPS guidance system makes it possible to drill 40 seeds per square metre on light soil, 50 seeds per square metre on medium soil and 60 seeds per square metre on clay soil. This precision is extremely important, since a uniform crop is the key to success in weed control” Sverker Peterson.

“Tempo drilling gives precision both in terms of depth and between plants, giving a better stand. RTK guidance on the tractor means that we can harrow down to 2-3 cm from the row. The rape crop is weed harrowed up to twice in the autumn and once in the spring. A high yield is the best pre-crop for next year. If I can get the crop established successfully, that’s also the best form of weed control” said Sverker.

“Converting from conventional to organic farming is definitely not something I regret. It has been profitable, exciting and even fun” said Sverker Peterson.

Tempo R 12
Tempo R 12

Adaptability of Tempo increasing

Tempo is delivered with a seed plate for maize (5.5 mm) as standard. When drilling other crops, different seed plates are needed in the seed meter for optimal precision. When changing crop, the seed plate and knock-out wheel must be changed. For existing Tempo owners, upgrade kits are available for all crops” said Lars Thylén, Concept Manager for Tempo.

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