Tempo can drill rape and sugar beet

Väderstad is now launching the option to drill rape and sugar beet with Tempo R. The company has re-designed the row units and re-configured the machine with a new narrower row spacing of 45-55cm.

“It is critical to drill rape and sugar beet at the right time. This will be easier now that these crops can be drilling using Tempo. Test after test has confirmed that this precision seed drill can drill at high speed with unbeatable accuracy, an advantage which sugar beet and rape growers can now exploit”, said Fredrik Lundén, sales director at Väderstad.

Where Väderstad has tested the new design, the results have been positive. To date, testing has been carried out in Austria, France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

“It is really exciting to be able to offer the PowerShoot technique to a new group of customers and thereby confirm Väderstad’s position as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of machines for drilling and cultivation”, said Fredrik Lundén.
“The PowerShoot technique means that the machine is impervious to vibrations and therefore the drilling speed can be increased, giving higher drilling capacity for the customer”, explained Fredrik Lundén.

Tempo R planting suger beets
In trials, we have drilled sugar beet at speeds of between 6 and 16 km/h. Depending on trial site, we have drilled after conventional seedbed preparation or in a direct drilling system.

Driling rapeseed with TPT
Rape drilling with Tempo is mainly carried out in France, where the row spacing is often 60 cm. In the rest of Europe, a row spacing of 45 or 50 cm is commonly used for rape.