Six percent market share in two years

A recent investigation among the German organisation VDMA’s members found that the Väderstad Tempo precision seed drill has gained six percent market share in all of Europe in two years.

Tempo F 8 in field
Tempo F 8 in action

Fredrik Lundén, Sales Director at Väderstad, is responsible for sales of Tempo machines.
“We are incredibly proud of the latest figures showing that Tempo has taken six per cent of the European market in less than two years. It is clear evidence that we are at the forefront when it comes to technological development” said Fredrik. The largest markets in Europe for the Tempo seed drill are France, Hungary and Germany, where it is mainly used for drilling maize and sunflower crops.

Emergence maize
Maize emergence in Ukraine

Product development led to technological advances

The high demand for Tempo is due in large part to the technological advances made by Väderstad when Tempo was developed and then launched at Agritechnica 2011.
“The development work took over six years, but our objective remained very clear throughout that period. It was to develop, manufacture and sell the world’s best planter. One of the deciding factors for its success is that Tempo can drill row crops with high precision at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour”, explained Fredrik Lundén.

Tempo F in field
Tempo F