Record yield on record field

The 306-hectare record sunflower field that was drilled in April during a 24-hour race with Tempo R 12, at an average speed of 19 km/h has now been harvested and produced.  A record sunflower yield of 3.6 tons per hectare was acheived. This can be compared with Bulgaria’s average yield of 2 tons per hectare.

Watch the movie about the race; from planting through to harvesting and cultivating

“We are very pleased with this outcome, since it is around 500kg per hectare more than Agrotrade Commerce harvested in previous years”, said Lars Thylén of Väderstad.

The Väderstad Tempo race was held near Pleven, north of Sofia in Bulgaria, together with Väderstad’s Bulgarian importer Titan Machinery.

“This shows that it is possible to obtain a high yield even when drilling is carried out at great speed, thanks to the precision of Tempo” said Lars.

The field was drilled at a seed rate of 62 500 seeds per hectare, placed at approximately 5cm depth.

Cultivating record field in Bulgaria
In connection with the harvest the field was cultivated with a Carrier XL 1225