Rebirth of a legend

Väderstad’s legendary Rapid seed drill has been reborn to suit modern agriculture. Rapid 300-400C/S has a new design, with a more streamlined hopper that is raised slightly above the chassis, increasing access to the machine. This, together with greaseless hubs, makes it easier to service and use, while freeing up more time for work in the field.

Rapid year model 2015

What’s new with Rapid 300-400C/S?

  1. New design of the entire machine
  2. New hydraulic metering system that allows the farmer to set a variable seed rate
  3. Farmers can now choose control system: ISOBUS or E-Control and compatibility with GPS
  4. Maintenance free bearings, saving time for farmers
  5. A choice of mechanical or hydraulic following harrow

With Väderstad E-Services, Rapid is ready for the future

“With the introduction of Wi-Fi and iPad Air, the Rapid machine and other equipment can be guided with the help of wireless communication. User-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and easy of update are just some of the major advantages with the iPad Air solution compared with previous systems” said Lars Thylén, Concept Manager for Rapid. Väderstad’s control solutions have been gathered together under the family name Väderstad E-Services and include E-Control, an ISOBUS solution and ControlStation.

Rapid can also be connected to an ordinary GPS system, allowing farmers to use this seed drill with high precision and minimum cost.

Väderstad E-Services


New maintenance-free hubs

Rapid has been fitted with new greaseless hubs, i.e. factory-lubricated. This has dramatically reduced the number of grease points. The new bearings also have a longer life. The result is better operating economics and more time in the field.

More flexible following harrow

Rapid C/S is equipped with a new following harrow that has a better lift height and optional functions.
“There is a mechanical and a hydraulic following harrow. With the hydraulic version, the pressure can be adjusted from the tractor cab on the go. For example, a certain pressure can be used in the actual field and a different pressure on headlands” explained Lars Thylén.

Rapid at night


Hydraulic metering on all Rapid drills

All Rapid models from 2015 onwards will have hydraulic metering from the tractor.
“Hydraulic metering is essential in allowing the driver to use Väderstad E-Services, connect the drill to a GPS system and use technology to the full” said Lars Thylén.

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Watch the new Rapid in action!