New streamlined point to fit across all our cultivators

Väderstad is introducing new standard points for all cultivators to streamline the process and improve the quality. The machine families TopDown, Cultus and Swift are now all fitted with the same design of point and accompanying bolt fitting.

New standard points, 2014

“The advantage of the new point is that it contains 20 percent more hard boron steel. The new points have a greater soil-seeking effect, with increased penetration ability in hard soils” said Magnus Samuelsson, concept manager for the cultivator range at Väderstad.

“For better rustproofing, the new bolt fixing is plated with zinc-nickel and the top nut has been re-designed for faster and easier replacement of points. The two bolt holes in each point allow them to match all cultivators” said Magnus Samuelsson.

New standard points, 2014   New standard points, 2014
50 mm   80 mm

This year’s models of TopDown, Cultus and Swift are factory-fitted with the new 50 mm or 80 mm points before delivery to the customer. The new points can of course be purchased from Väderstad dealers for retro-fitting on older machines.