More aggressive discs

New 47 cm discs with milled notches, TrueCut,  improve the slicing effect of TopDown and Carrier X and cut up harvest trash more thoroughly so that it decomposes faster. The discs are manufactured from high quality V-55 Swedish steel.


Why new discs?

“The new discs have better grip, cut up harvest trash more thoroughly and mix a shallower layer more effectively, while also making work easier for the following harrow tines” explained Magnus Samuelsson.

More aggressive discs with TrueCut

“The new discs on TopDown have milled notches instead of the punched notches found on standard 45 cm discs. This gives exactly the same cutting surface around the entire disc, which means that it retains its shape and intensity for a long time. TrueCut also gives the discs a more aggressive slicing action and results in better fragmentation of harvest trash, which means that it decomposes more quickly” added Magnus Samuelsson. 

Can be used on all existing disc arms

The new discs fit all TopDown and Carrier X models and can readily be used as replacements when changing old discs. The new discs are available as an optional extra. 

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