Increased fertiliser capacity

Väderstad is launching Tempo T with the option of a larger fertiliser hopper. The new hopper has a capacity of 1200 litres, which is equivalent to around 12 hectares of sowing depending on dose.

Tempo T 6, 1200 liter hopper

Currently there are two hoppers of 300 litres each, but now the capacity of the machine has been expanded with the option of a larger fertiliser hopper. The large 1200-litre hopper is only available for 6-row Tempo T.

Tempo T is a tractor mounted machine making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. The Tempo T chassis is multifunctional. Six-row models are available with the following row spacing: 600, 650, 700, 750, 762 and 800 mm, while 7-row models are available in 500, 550 and 600 mm row spacing. Tempo T is mounted on the tractor hydraulics. The new design of fertiliser hopper will be ready for delivery November 2014.

Tempo T has the same row units and drilling performance as Tempo F. Thanks to its compact format, PowerShoot metering system and electric drive, it achieves high performance in all conditions. A seventh row means that a closer row spacing can be offered.

Unique features of Tempo

  1. PowerShoot – A pressurised seedhouse with short transport distance to the soil, giving great precision.
  2. Seed coulters – The V-shaped discs, mounted on a parallelogram, follow the contours of the soil surface perfectly. An additional 150 kg of load can be transferred to each row unit with the help of a torsion spring. This means that the total load on individual row units can be up to 325 kg.
  3. Electric drive – Since the seedhouse uses electric drive, it is possible to test and calibrate the seedhouse function before the start of the season. This can be done on the whole machine or on individual rows. ControlStation allows the metering quality to be controlled individually for each individual row.

Standard equipment for Tempo T

  • Pressurised metering system
  • Seed sensors and ControlStation
  • Shut-off wheel as standard (25 mm)
  • Seed plates for maize, 32 hole/5.5 mm
  • Rear lights
  • Hydraulically telescopic
  • Hydraulic fan