Drilling rapeseed for the first time
with Tempo T 7

Sébastien Santolini tried a Tempo T 7 in September last year for drilling winter rape on a 15-ha field on his family farm. At present (20 March 2014), the plant density is very consistent and the crop is flowering uniformly.

Driling rapeseed with TPT

15 days later

The field was drilled 15 days later than a neighbouring field, but now there are no differences between the fields. Compared with the normal speed of the farm’s existing planter, Tempo reached double the speed, 9.5 km/h. In this region, it is necessary to drill right away after the first showers in August. Speed is a key factor for final yield.
“We have been delighted by the quality of Tempo from the first test on a 20-ha field of maize; speed, precision, easy to calibrate and of course with good yields”, said Sébastien.
“We are very interested in drilling maize, sunflowers and rapeseed with just one adjustable machine. So, we were absolutely positive when Väderstad asked us to test Tempo for rapeseed.”

Adjust to fit the farm’s requirements

The Tempo T 7 was adjusted to fit the farm’s requirements of 60 cm between rows and 25 plants per m². The soil on the farm is a shallow clay-limestone type with a huge content of stones. It is always tricky to drill correctly in this kind of soil. The planter solution allows the best yields by drilling rapeseed at perfectly regular spaces between seeds in the row, giving good uniform emergence.

Simplifies treatments

An additional advantage is that Tempo simplifies the treatments needed after drilling, like pesticide, anti-slug or sulphur application.
In fact, these treatments can be applied only within the row to improve the efficiency and reduce the volume used. A further advantage is the good contact between soil and seed. It is crucial for small seeds like rapeseed to get the best contact and perfect precision.
“This is a real benefit of Tempo compared with existing seed drills on the market”, explained Sébastien.
The rubber press wheels and the possibility to exert high pressure on the seed unit provide this benefit.

Driling rapeseed with TPT
On 20 March 2014, the field looks fantastic

The advantages of Tempo for Sébastien Santolini are: speed, work rate, regularity of placement and precision.

Driling rapeseed with TPT
The single operation needed is to change the “normal” seed plate (for maize) to a special one developed for rapeseed

Driling rapeseed with TPT
In very hard and stony soil like that on the Santolini farm, pressure to close the seed furrow is crucial