25 000 NZ Aggressive harrows delivered

25 000 harrows of the classic NZ Aggressive model have been delivered since the start of production in 1982. At that time, Crister Stark had a clear vision of what the harrow should consist of. The new product proved to be one of Scandinavia’s most successful harrows ever. It was rigid, with a fully welded frame, specially designed tines and a bogie carriage.

No lack of scepticism

However, there was no lack of scepticism. A harrow with fixed axles “would find it difficult to capture the interest of farmers”, according to one or two. However, the specially designed tines would give the harrow a superior effect. Crister never lost faith in the product and told questioning farmers: "Now you can work with the right angle on the tines all the time."

Andreas next to cultivator
The very first NZ harrow, launched in 1982, being demonstrated to visitors by Andreas Stark on the right

NZ stands for New Zealand

One Friday afternoon at the end of 1981, there was a telephone call from the plough manufacturer George Clough in New Zealand. He had seen Väderstad products in Germany and wanted to work with Väderstad-Verken. The harrow being developed at that time suited his purposes perfectly and a preliminary agreement was reached. George would be permitted to manufacture the harrow locally for the New Zealand market. From that weekend on, Väderstad’s new series of harrows came to be called NZ, now a well-known name for many farmers.

Number 25 000 delivered

NZA no 25000 delivered
Number 25 000 was recently delivered to Tommy Nilsson, a farmer in Värmland. From left: Maskin Väst salesman Johan Lärka, Peter Karlsson from Väderstad, farmer Tommy Nilsson and Daniel Bryske MD of Maskin Väst in Karlstad.

NZ Aggressive 800 in field
25 000 NZ Aggressive harrows have been delivered since its launch in 1982