Swedish Prime Minister discusses the opportunities and challenges facing an export company

The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt visited Väderstad on the 20th March, in what was the first visit by a Prime Minister in the 51-year history of the family-owned company. He took part in a discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing a Swedish export company.

Fredrik Reinfeldt on visit
Fredrik Reinfeldt in discussion with newly hired young employees at Väderstad

Fredrik Reinfeldt took an active part in the discussions on European competition.
“Successful export companies are very important for Sweden and national growth. We view family companies as re-investing in Sweden, which in turn leads to more job opportunities”, said Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Visit Fredrik Reinfeldt
Fredrik Reinfeldt is introduced to Tempo, the latest precision drill from Väderstad

Väderstad-Verken had a turnover of €240 million in 2012 and the profits are being invested in research and development and in continued expansion of operations. The company now has over 1 000 employees, over 200 of whom were appointed in the past two years.

Fredrik Reinfeldt has a positive attitude to the agricultural industry.
“Agriculture and the food industry is the sector of the future, as a result of the population increase in parallel with poverty reductions. This is leading to increased demand for grain to cover both food and energy requirements”, said Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Väderstad’s CEO Christina Stark is very proud and pleased that Väderstad is attracting the attention of government.
“We had a chance to discuss the challenges we face as an export company. A strong Swedish crown has a negative effect on us because 90 per cent of our sales take place outside Sweden” said Christina Stark.

Visit Fredrik Reinfeldt
Väderstad’s management team together with Fredrik Reinfeldt