Large, individually adjustable discs

The new Carrier 925 XL and 1225 XL were presented recently at the Sima exhibition in Paris. These new members of the Carrier family were developed to meet the demand from farmers growing crops with large quantities of harvest trash, such as maize. The larger discs can work to over 15 cm depth. Each disc is individually adjustable and has a milled TrueCut edge which maintains the aggressive shape for longer.

Carrier XL X-shape disc

The discs are 61 cm in diameter and can be adjusted individually so as to optimise the angle from 10 to18 degrees depending on the type of work. This allows the same precision to be achieved from shallow cultivation down to 15 cm. It takes around half an hour to adjust all the discs.


- “This is well worth the effort, since it changes the character of the machine to better suit the crop being cultivated”, explained Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board at Väderstad.


- “Another new feature is the milled TrueCut disc edge. It increases the slicing action and allows the disc to keep its aggressive shape even when worn”, added Magnus Samuelsson, Product Manager at Väderstad.


Carrier XL X-shape disc



The discs are positioned in an X-shape, which neutralises lateral forces and ensures that the machine runs straight and true. The greatest benefit from this is obtained when using GPS, when it decreases the degree of overlap and thus saves money. The machine is able to run dead straight behind the tractor even on sloping fields.

Carrier XL is available in 9.25 and12.25 m width.

Watch the 12,25 m machine in action!